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Asian Parenting Today - English Version

Asian Parenting Today - English Version

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Asian Parenting Today was born from numerous requests by parents with whom Jennifer, Ai Ling & Jocelyn
have worked over the past decade to publish a book that specifically addresses the issues and concerns of
Asian parents today.

Asian parents are often faced with the quandary of either subscribing to western practices or following
traditional customs of their mothers and grandmothers before them. This book addresses many of the
very common childcare issues that perents today face, with special emphasis on and respect to Asian
cultural beliefs and practices.

More that just an indispensable parenting compendium for modern parents, Asian Parenting Today also
provides real-life questions and practical, realistic solutions for new parents to help make their parenting
experience an enjoyable, stress-free one. 


Dr Khoo P.C
Consultant Paediatrician & mother of two.

"...The writers have effectively put together a concise and practical book designed to assist parents
-to-be, new mothers/fathers or any interest party in parenting, on issues pertaining to babycare
during the very important first year. "


363 pages. Includes practical easy-to-follow advice, milestones & development checklists,
nursery rhymes to share with your baby, recipes, recommended parenting booklist.


  • 0-3 months: First Impressions, Jaundice, Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Sleep, Clothing,
    Keeping Baby Clean, Outing, Sterilization of equipement, Prevent of Infection, Immunisation,
    Screening of Tests, Rashes, Baby's Temperature, Crying, Colic, early Concerns, Bonding &
    Stimulating Baby, Playtime, 0-3months checklist

  • 4-6 months: Establishing a Routine, Sleep, Feeding Habits, Guildelines and Menu, Semi-solids,
    Home Safety, Milestones and Ideal Activities, Checklist

  • 7-9 months: Sleep Issues, Feeding Baby, Recipes & Schedules, Baby's Health, Milestones,
    How Baby Learn, Play Schedules, Checklist

  • 10-12 months: Baby's Health, Feeding Suggestions, Meals & Mealtimes, Milestones, Watching TV,
    Building Self-Esteem and Independence, Playtime, Checklist

  • Ways to Keep Baby Safe, Nursery Rhymes, Recipes

    ... here's a couple of the common FAQs.

    Does shaving baby's head one month after birth encourage abundant growth in the future?

    How long should baby continue to wear mittens and booties as her hands and feet are always cold?

    My baby has been been sucking on and off for two hours. Each time I take her off the breasts, she cries.
    When I latch her on again, she appears to suck very well for about a minute and then falls asleep.
    Do I have enough milk?

    My baby wants to suckle to sleep. This makes my nipple very sore. Each time I try to unlatch her, she
    wakes up and cries until I put her to my breast. How can I stop baby from using me as a pacifier?

    My baby is three days old, my breasts are very engorged and painful. I try to express but no milk comes
    out. What is happening?

    Is it true that I should feed baby with water before, during and after the feed to reduce "heatiness" in baby?

    When's the best time to bathe baby?

    What's baby acne? What's heat rashes?

    My family gets very agitated whenever my baby cries. They say I shouldn't allow my baby to cry?
    what should I do?

    Will placing a mobile over baby's cot cause her to be cross-eyed?

    My baby can sleep only when I carry her in my arms. Even then, she will sleep for only about ten minutes.
    how can I get her to sleep longer and in her cot?

    Doesn't cooking fruits and vegetables till they are very soft destroy all the goodness in them?

    My one year old will eat a full bowl of porride when she was younger. Nowadays she drinks a lot of
    water and only take a couple of spoonfuls of porridge at mealtimes. Why is she doing this?
    My baby has recently started to scream and yell when she cannot get what she wants. She will scream
    for a full hour until we give in to her. Is it normal for a 12-month old toddler?