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Jinkoh Juzan (Small-Gift Pack)

Jinkoh Juzan (Small-Gift Pack)

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Weight: 500 grams
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Jinkoh is the Japanese word for aloeswood, an exotic and aromatic wood of an evergreen tree native to Northern India,
Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Aloeswood is used by Traditional Chinese, Unanai, Ayuravedic,
and Tibetan physicians as well as in the production of exceptional qulity incenses.

Aloeswood is the most precious, rare incense on Earth. Since ancient times it has been so difficult to procure,
and there is so much demand for its sophisticated fragrance, that often Aloeswood has been traded on an equal
level with gold.

Number of sticks: 60 sticks.
Burn time per stick: About 13 minutes.
Country of origin: Made in Japan

Box Size: 75 x 108 x 18mm